Wonderfull World      ワンダーフルワールド


Summer 夏 Beautiful sky 美しい空 Since the end of the exhibition has been a week Those six days was like a dream, e […]

Exhibition end 展示会終了しました


先日はお忙しい中、F&MIII展-Happy Summer Quilts-作品展(会場:ギャラリーモーツァルト)にお越しいただき誠にありがとうございました 行き届かないことも数多くあり、ご不便をおかけした事もあ […]

    F&MⅢ展-Happy Summer     Quilts Exhibition


Missing one more day and arrives the day of exhibition In these three months passed so many thing the swift ha […]

Sewn binding バインディング


Easy to sew very neat 綺麗にかんたんにソーイング Bag, purse, accessories and Quilts is an indispensable work for the finish […]

Bobbin Work Quilting ボビンワークキルティング


This thread is for bobbin work, couching, wire surge. “Razzle Dazzle” Superior is thick thread (ma […]