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Sewing needleミシンの針の話し・・・

ORGAN NEDDLE Co., Ltd. (founded in 1920) is, as the manufacturer of phonograph needles, is a company that has gone from its beginnings needle beam.
Ueda is a city of Nagano Prefecture who have a history of Sanada Yukimura and is surrounded by rich nature with many relaxed rural landscape.I also live in Ueda.

A few days earlier, came leaflet by staff ORGAN Neddleオルガン針ORGAN NEEDLE

オルガン針ORGAN NEEDLE実は、数ヶ月前にオルガン針のスタッフの方たちが私のアトリエを訪れてくれました。ミシン針やキルト・アップリケの話しをしながら、その場でキルティングのサンプルを作りました。
In fact, NEEDLE ORGAN staff came to visit my studio a few months ago.If the talk was of history needle sewing machine, quilt, wall, etc. also did a sample of quilting on the spot.The quilting was used in place pink “Even through the core if by land quilt bedspread (HAxIQU) will sew smoothly!” Quilting as image.Sewing machine making a quilt is nice, of course, the selection of the sewing machine needle is very important. Sewing machine needles ORGAN NEEDLE both nation or abroad, seems to be used much like a good quality sewing machine needle.Make the leaflet, I thought very easy to understand. There are two types is used for padding.

Now, to really take advantage of the needle HAxIGT. With this needle blanket or zigzag stitch to sew an applique with a transparent thread and sew pretty well! ! Please try by all means.パッチワークPatchwork

Overseas, Superior needle is actually needle ORGAN NEEDLE.
Porcierto, Superior masterpiece (thread) also is made in Japan. (Ideal for the workpiece!)
スーペリアsuperiorsuperior mater piece

ドイツには 、シュミッツ社があります。種類もたくさんあり、今使っているのは二本針です。
In Germany the company Schmitz. Has many kinds of needles, I use is the twin needle
When you make a quilt with a sewing machine “The most important thing is that the needle must be adapted to the thread” the beauty of sewing and quilting will different.Please put your hand in the leaflet ORGAN NEEDLE and see the reference.

Happy Quilt Happy day !!